5-11 year old

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  • Beverage Voucher
    value up to THB 1,000

Seafood Buffet in bangkok

Normal Prices

  • Adult price 1,599++ Baht/person, includes water, coffee and tea (1,882 Baht net/person)
  • 5 to 12-year-old Child price 799++ Baht/person, includes water (941 Baht net/person)
  • Free for children aged under 6 years old

Special Prices

  • 50% discount
  • Adult price 799++ Baht/person, includes water (941 Baht net/person)
  • 5 to 12-year-old Child price 399++ Baht/person, includes water (470 Baht net/person)
  • Free for children aged under 6 years old

Beverage Info

  • Soft drinks - 100 Baht net per person
  • Free flow - 499 Baht net per person (Wine, Draft Beer)

Service info

  • The Berkeley Hotel Dining Room Floor 10
  • Dining Hours: 18.00 – 22.00 PM
  • Contact: 02-309-9999, ext. 3134

Our richly delicious seafood buffet is
waiting for you to enjoy a delightful meal!

Do not miss it! The dining room is located in the Pratunam area on the shopping center street. Kindly come and enjoy a fantastic dinner with the premium buffet every Friday and Saturday at The Berkeley Dining Room, The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam, at the location that you can comfortably reach by connecting transportation, such the BTS, Airport Rail Link, boat, public bus or private car, with available parking for over a thousand vehicles.

We provide a massive amount of seafood and Foie Gras to serve you limitless times, with a variety of stations where you can joyfully collect a wide range of menu items. Our chefs guarantee the daily delivery of ingredients directly to the dining room in order to preserve the freshness and great quality of the food to be served.

Seafood on Ice Station

Brings you a touch of sea tastes every day that are freshly served together with flavorful dips to enhance your sense of taste.

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Steamed Seafood Station

Features Blue crab - steamed at a moderate temperature to heat up the meat and preserve the sweetness, and Spotted Babylon - collected

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Grilled Station

Let’s continually enjoy the roasted and grilled corner that will awaken your appetite by its fragrant smell.

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Foie Gras Station

Imported from France, seared in heat until crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, and then covered with Raspberry sauce.

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Japanese Station

Enjoy top quality Japanese food in a station where sushi lovers will definitely be pleased because of the plentiful variety of sushi and sashimi.

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Salad Station

A corner for a healthy choice that serves a variety of vegetable salads with great quality, new and fresh ingredients

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Dessert Station

Serving up to 10 menu items for dessert, whether cake, mousse or Thai desserts, which are prepared freshly at the station

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Special Menu Station

Be surprised by the highlights menu for which our chefs have searched for and collected the perfect seasonings and ingredients

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