To the legendary king of Yonok-Lanna

Located on the 11th floor of The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam, every day “Phrajao Prommaharaj” shrine is visited by believers, tourists and business people who come to pray for auspiciousness of one kind or another.

According to legend, “Phrajao Prommaharaj” was the first king of the land of Yonok-Lanna, making him the first “Maharaj” in Thai history. The son of King Phangkharat of Yonok Chaiburi he lived from around 937-998CE.

King Phrajao recovered the Yonok Chaiburi city from Phaya Klom Dam of Umong in Cambodia. After the war, he returned Yonok Chaiburi to his father. He then moved to build a new city to the south in what is today Thailand’s Kamphaeng Phet Province. Naming the new city Chai Prakarn, he reigned from there for the rest of his life.

Thai people believe Phrajao Prommaharaj gives blessings for success at the shrine in  negotiations and business operations and brings wealth and auspiciousness to those who pray their respects.

If you would like to visit the shrine, do bring offerings of flowers, garlands, fruits or betel nut. Come and pray your respects on the 11th floor of The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam (near function rooms) from 6.30 AM – 6.00 PM daily