The Land of Wisdom at Ratchaprasong

There’s so much more to explore at the Land of Wisdom at Ratchaprasong 

While nearly everywhere in Bangkok claims to be centrally located, the Land of Wisdom at Ratchaprasong is more so than most. Add to this being surrounded by five major shopping malls and studded with culturally significant gems, not to mention counting two prominent roads among its thoroughfares, and you can clearly see why it is a prime destination for those visiting the city.  

Among its array of attractions, several fall under the general heading to the Land of Wisdom at Ratchaprasong as they colorfully cover historic, cultural and creative dimensions.  

The area is nothing if not one of contrasts, not least that between the ultra-modernity that goes together with being at the heart of the country’s economy while yet retaining truly sacred, significant and historic spaces that are part and parcel of the City of Angel’s iconic profile. For this reason alone, people come from far and wide to pay homage or just to absorb the uplifting atmospheres of no less than eight notable shrines that define how the Land of Wisdom at Ratchaprasong got its illustrious reputation. 

Let’s start with Trimurti Shrine, with its three-faced statue of the God of Love. You’ll easily find it located in front of CentralWorld. Then turn your prayerful attention to Trimurti Shrine’s near neighbors, Ganesh Shrine. Here the Lord of Success in work, business, education and projects, together with general good fortune, can be entreated to your cause of the day. 

Perhaps even more famous than the aforementioned is Erawan Shrine, or Thao Maha Phrom. Located across the busy Ratchaprasong intersection where Ratchadamri, Rama I and Phloen Chit roads meet, Erawan Shrine attracts locals and international visitors alike to offer up prayers and make merit by, among other things, sponsoring the resplendent resident dancers to court the deity’s intervention on their behalf in pressing personal matters.  

Moving on again, we come to Lakshmi Shrine, home of the goddess of wealth and fortune. You’ll find her stylishly ensconced at Gaysorn Village up-market shopping mall directly opposite Erawan Shrine in another corner of the Ratchaprasong junction. 

The skywalk at the main intersection, which incidentally also connects to Chidlom BTS station, is a perfect place to start exploring Ratchaprasong’s Land of Wisdom. It gives you a great view of the surrounding area all the way from ground zero to the breathtaking cityscape. Moreover, this is a particularly good spot for straight-up people watching. 

And if shops, bars, restaurants and cafés are also on your Bangkok bucket list, you’ll certainly find much to engross you here as well. Indeed, this is one of the most vibrant concentrations of all sorts of shops, watering holes and eateries in the city.    

You can find pretty much anything in the five major malls that constitute the area’s anchor tenants. Central World, Gaysorn, Amarin Plaza, The Platinum Mall, and Central Chidlom together cover all the fashion angles, from affordable stuff for trendy youngsters all the way up to the most elevated – and pricey – international brands. And all the accessories, from bags to jewelry, to go with them. Not to mention sportswear, watch boutiques, and all the digital gadgetry essential to modern living. As the malls are near neighbors of each other, you can stroll through and between them, stopping off for occasional refreshments or to catch a movie, for hours, if not days. 

Those who think every meal should be a special experience will also be well-served by Land of Wisdom at Ratchaprasong. There’s everything here from air-conditioned purveyors of the famous Thai street food to culinary corners serving up pretty much every international cuisine under the sun. Better yet, several of them feature outdoor seating areas as well as indoor, so you can continue to scope the scenery from a safe distance while you enjoy your liquid and solid selections.  

Insider tip: hit the outdoor stalls near the BTS Chidlom station for the real Thai street food deal.  


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