Top 3 places to be during Songkarn Festival

As April is the hottest month of the year in Thailand, everyone gets involved with this country-wide water fight and it brings great relief from the soaring temperatures. Songkran started as a Buddhist tradition, using a light sprinkling of water to symbolize purification but, as time went by, people began splashing each other in a more playful manner until recent years, when the entire country becomes one almighty water fight celebrated by millions!

1. Khao San Road, Bangkok


If you like the idea of getting soaked from head to toe in the middle of a wild party, be sure to drop by Khao San Road.  The entire length of Khao San Road is turned into an almighty water fight, and once you’re in, you’re going to get absolutely wet! There are police checkpoints set up at both ends of the street to confiscate bottles, cans and the white powder that is usually rubbed on people’s faces. Don’t worry though, you can buy all the alcohol you’re likely to need inside one of the many bars that stay open throughout the festival, some with DJs set up inside plastic shelters and podiums for dancing. A word of advice though: be careful on the tiled floors that become like ice rinks because it’s a fiarly common sight to see inebriated young tourists slipping, sliding and ending up with their whisky bucket all over the floor.

2. RCA


For younger partygoers looking to celebrate Songkran in Bangkok, RCA is the place to be as it holds the coolest events combining clubbing and water fights together. Each club brings you your favorite DJs/ singers, both international and Thai to their own yards. The biggest event in RCA is called S20 Songkran festival, where they have different DJ lineups for 3 nights, so you will feel like you are in a music + water festival. If you love partying, give RCA a chance, and you will thank us later!  F.Y.I., early birds catch the worms, as Thais often go to reserve tables around 4-5 p.m. because all the tables will be booked and taken as fast as a blink of an eye. Trust me, if you are going to an event of this kind with your mates, you need to be there early to get a table. Your lives would be much easier and very convenient during the party!

3. Silom Road

Probably the largest and wildest crowd in Bangkok; The entire 5 km length of this street – mostly known for Patpong – is packed on two levels with thousands of young Thais carrying anything that can spray water. The best part is that you can enjoy the party in relatively dry surroundings by staying on the BTS sky walk that runs above the street. Relatively means that you should still carry any valuable items in a plastic bag. From up there you can witness the full extent of the game: a huge colorful crowd of smiling young Thais slowly walking between two rows of stalls selling water guns, food, and soft drinks and of course, lots of beer. The highlight is to spot the firetrucks ambushed at each intersection with their incredibly powerful water hoses. The crowd is actually delighted to be hosed down as the heat can reach 40˚C in the sun.