Celebrate Diversity

Embrace Pride Month 2024

June is recognized worldwide as Pride Month, honoring the LGBTQIA+ community and remembering the pivotal Stonewall riots of June 1969. These events sparked the first Pride marches in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, where thousands rallied for equal rights.
The acronym “PRIDE” stands for “Personal Rights in Defense and Education.” It highlights the ongoing struggle for equality and raises awareness about LGBTQIA+ issues to counteract discrimination. Meanwhile, the term “proud” conveys a sense of satisfaction and self-respect within one’s identity, celebrating sexual orientation, gender identity, and advocating for acceptance.

The LGBTQIA+ spectrum has broadened over the years, encompassing various identities:

Lesbian: Women attracted to other women.

Gay: Men attracted to other men; also a broader term for homosexual people.

Bisexual: Individuals attracted to both their own and other genders.

Transgender: Individuals whose gender identity differs from their birth-assigned sex.

Queer/Questioning: ‘Queer’ serves as a reclaimed term for non-heterosexual/non-cisgender identities; ‘Questioning’ involves exploring one’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

Intersex: Individuals born with physical sex characteristics that do not fit typical male or female categories.

Asexual: Individuals who do not experience sexual attraction to others.

+ (Plus): Represents other identities like pansexual, genderqueer, and non-binary, acknowledging the diversity within human sexuality and gender.

The “Pride flag,” created by Gilbert Baker in 1978, symbolizes the movement with its six colors:
– Red: life
– Orange: healing
– Yellow: sunlight
– Green: nature
– Blue: harmony
– Violet: spirit
In Thailand, Pride Month features vibrant events such as parades, parties, and cultural activities, promoting equality and inclusion. The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam celebrates this spirit with special offerings at The Berkeley Lounge, The Mulberry Chinese Cuisine and The Oak Bar, enhancing the festive atmosphere with colorful decorations and themed events.

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